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Oil Leak Damage Claims in Northern Ireland

In the UK every year over 3,000 oil leaks or spills are reported to the environmental regulators and many of these could have been prevented using simple steps.

When it comes to a domestic oil spill it can be very expensive and is not uncommon for a clean-up bill to be more than £20,000. This can escalate further if surface or groundwater has been affected.

We have helped many people right across Northern Ireland by submitting successful Oil Damage Insurance Claims.

Have you suffered Oil Damage and require help?

The first thing you should do is contact Claim Consultants Direct as we are here to manage every stage of your insurance claim. As professional Loss Assessors, our job is to ensure your claim is submitted properly and as efficiently as possible.

If you have already contacted your insurance provider, don't worry. You can appoint us to manage and oversee your insurance claim at any stage of the process.

How do you make an insurance claim for Oil Damage?

Claim Consultants Direct takes the stress of submitting an insurance claim away from you. Our job is to liaise with your insurance company and help you receive the maximum amount of compensation possible. We are available at any time to discuss your case.

We will arrange to meet with the appointed Loss Adjuster and assess all of the Oil Damage. At this stage of the process, we compile fully costed schedules which we submit to your insurance provider which form the basis of the negotiation.

I have an oil leak, can I claim under my home insurance?

Most insurance policies cover damage that has been a result of leaking pipes etc. When an incident such as this occurs it is important to prevent it from spreading by having the leak stopped. We can help by arranging this for you.

The easiest way to claim against Oil Damage is to appoint Claim Consultants Direct to manage your insurance claim for you.

How long does it take to settle an Oil Damage Insurance Claim?

The process to settle an Oil Damage Insurance Claim can be complex but with Claim Consultants Direct managing your claim you can rest assured knowing your case is being looked after.

We remove the stress and ensure you don't spend hours on hold and prevent you from having to complete countless forms.

How do I make an Oil Damage Insurance Claim?

The first thing you should do is contact Claim Consultants Direct. We will then visit you to inspect the damage and if required, advise how to stop or prevent it from spreading further.

We will gather evidence such as photos and videos that can be used to successfully settle your claim.

You can contact Claim Consultants Direct today by completing our Request a Call Back form or by email at

Alternatively, you can call us on 028 9075 3373 or 07936 503 591.

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