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What is a Loss Assessor?

When speaking to clients we often hear how they never our services existed until they required them. That got us thinking, maybe we should write a short blog post explaining what a Loss Assessor is.

What is a Loss Assessor?

A Loss Assessor is a claims negotiator who acts on the behalf of the claimant during the compilation, preparation and negotiation of their insurance claim. The aim of a Loss Assessor is to achieve the highest amount possible for the claimant.

Why use a Loss Assessor?

There are many reasons for choosing a Loss Assessor. We take the stress of making a claim away from you, allowing you to relax knowing that everything is being taken care of. You won't have to complete endless amounts of forms or spend hours waiting on hold.

Another reason for using a Loss Assessor is that we act in your best interests, not those of the insurance company. This means we aim to negotiate the best possible terms to settle your claim.

What insurance claims do we help with?

We specialise in property insurance claims and have worked to settle insurance claims for individuals and businesses right across Northern Ireland.

The types of property claims in Northern Ireland that we have settled includes, Water Damage, Water Leaks, Oil Leaks, Storm Damage and Fire Damage.

I spotted damage in my home... what should I do?

The first thing you should do is contact ourselves so that we can carry out an initial visit to determine the extent of the damage and evaluate the situation. From doing this we will be able to advise what your potential settlement amount could be.

We will support you every step of the way and make you feel a part of the process, without having to do any work.

How can I contact you?

It's very simple, click here to arrange a call back with a member of our team.

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